A conservatory is a fully glazed extension that is the perfect way to add something different to your home. Fully double glazed for energy efficiency during the colder months, a conservatory is the perfect place to enjoy the sun during warmer times of the year.

Things have really moved on in the world of conservatory design. Not only are today’s conservatories able to deliver far superior thermal performance but there’s also the opportunity to build in extra features that will give the space greater thermal performance and greater solidity.

Create Your Space

Perfect for either occasional use or a space that doesn’t need to be open to the rest of your property, they allow you to create a space that brings your garden into your home.

Conservatory Transformations

If you’ve had a conservatory ten years or more, then you might consider transforming your conservatory. As long as you’re happy with the existing footprint then you could give you’re conservatory an upgrade.



Orangies take the conservatory to a whole new level of thermal performance and with the addition of super-thermal columns – the more you add – the warmer the space. Comprising a room with a glass roof and numerous, large windows, an orangery is the perfect combination and feels like a traditional extension to your home.


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